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    The first venture
    The sodium hydrosulfite project marks that Jinhe Group has its own leading products, and independent core and independent brands. The company has embarked on the road of regularization, technology, standardization, marketing and branding. 
    The second venture
    Since the beginning of the incorporation into the development zone management, the group company has entered the real estate industry, having finished the construction of the Jinhe Building, optimized the industrial structure of the company, and created the new industrial pillar of Jinhe Group; they have also marched towards Haiyang, and opened up the strategic base for chemical production of Jinhe Group; their comprehensive strength in sodium hydrosulfite has been ranked the second in the world. The second undertaking allows Jinhe Group to achieve a historic leap in terms of management mechanism, capital structure, industrial structure, brand strategy, corporate culture, and talent team, thus embarking on the sustained, coordinated and rapid development track. 
    The third venture
    With Cishan development as the central goal, the company has built a high-end garden-like park with spa as the featured service - Cishan Spa Town, integrating high-end residential buildings, health and pension, cultural traditions, tourism development, casual dining, conference and other official functions with five years. The project has been basically finished so far, which promotes Jinhe Group to achieve a historic leap in terms of capital, industrial structure, resource integration, all-staff quality, etc., laying a solid foundation for creating a time-honored Jinhe. 
    About us

    ADD: Jinhe Industrial Park, Shanghai Avenue, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yantai 
    Zhang Guihong